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We offer a variety of dance, movement and fitness classes for all ages and abilities at TWPA. The emphasis is on creativity, fun and community spirit alongside personal challenge, skill and technical development.

Classes run every Saturday, termly for 10 to 12 weeks (usually with a week off for half term) following the  academic school terms. We have classes on both Fridays and Saturdays at TWPA in Sheringham.


TIDDLYTW's creative dance

TiddlyTW’s is the perfect pace for any little mover or performer who wants to explore their creative side. TiddlyTW’s Creative Play class is a hugely beneficial way to encourage creativity, motor skill development, independent thought, confidence building, musicality, teamwork, and initial understanding of ‘class etiquette’.   By using music, storytelling, basic technique and fun structure, the youngest students find their feet in a mixed class of dance and song exploring new challenges in a fun and safe environment. What better way to start your child’s performing journey than with this fun, exiting and dynamic creative class.



Ballet classes are an exciting way to develop technical skills within dance. Ballet classes at TWPA start at aged 3-19. These structured classes develop students’ physical skills, stamina, creativity, expression, and musicality using a range of movements and musical styles. Ballet is an excellent grounding to support many dance techniques and TWPA ballet classes are supportive and enjoyable for all.



Energising sessions for all abilities in contemporary dance technique for students aged 6-19. The class includes exercises and sequences to develop physical awareness, movement flow, co-ordination, mobility, movement memory, agility, balance, core strength and broaden your technical skill. Students will learn a blend of both Cunningham and release-based techniques. Soon TWPA will be offering training in Rambert grades a new and empowering syllabus for learning contemporary technique.


Commercial Jazz

Commercial Jazz is known to be a highly choreographed dance form. Drawing upon both jazz technique and commercial dance this class looks at fast-paced technical movements from jazz and theatre dance but also urban styles which are familiar within music videos. This class is dynamic, powerful and will build strength and coordination working to some fab music!


Conditioning for

All students (other than TiddlyTW’s) enrolled at TWPA have to participate within a conditioning for dance class. This is so we can optimise our class time delving into lots of basic principles regarding technique. Furthermore, body conditioning is a fantastic way to support dance training but also develops strength, fitness, flexibility, and coordination. This is a fun class where students will learn how to prepare their bodies for dance but will help aid their dance training from many perspectives.



Acro dance classes at TWPA seamlessly blend dance and acrobatics. Students practice fundamental acrobatic techniques and skills such as handstands, cartwheels, back bends, walkovers chin stands, elbow stands, balance, and contortion tricks depending on individual level of experience. Advance acro classes involve advanced techniques such as diving walkovers, front aerials, and side aerials.

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Both these ballet classes have a focus purely on correct pointe work, once Tom feels a student is ready and their demi-pointe work is deemed strong enough. The beginner sessions aim to teach pupils how to dance safely in pointe shoes and with the right technique, predominantly through barre work. The pupils are guided through specific exercises to gain strength and articulation. The advanced sessions build on this strength and articulation, and progress the students to dancing fully en pointe and learning choreography away from the barre.

Levels explained

Ages 3-5/6 years old

TiddlyTW’s are performers aged 3-6 years old. Our TiddlyTW classes bring a range of  activities for everyone. These classes benefit child development, while keeping it upbeat and fun for all. Currently we have Creative Dance and Ballet for TiddlyTW students. Some 6 year-olds who are slightly more experienced and confident can participate within level 1 and 2’s classes. 

L1 & L2
Ages 6 - 11 years old

Level 1 and 2 students are aged 6/7-11 years old. L1 and L2 classes include Ballet, Contemporary, Commercial Jazz, Street dance, Conditioning for Dance and ACRO. Some students wish to train with us for the day and some like to pop in and out of the classes they enjoy – this is entirely up to you! Confident students may be able to participate within the next levels conditioning for dance class after teacher assessment. 

L3 - L4
Ages 12 - 19 years old

Level 3 and 4 students are aged 12-19. The classes on offer at TWPA include: Ballet, Contemporary, Commercial Jazz, Conditioning for Dance and Student Ambassador training. Most L3 and L4 students train for the full day on Saturday at TWPA. The pace of classes does increase at this level however, beginners are 100% welcome! 

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